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Receive a word of encouragement from job seekers. You will hear stories and wisdom from both fresh and successful people.

This podcast is focused more on stories from online freelancers but can be enjoyed by any job seeker.

Episode 1: The difficulty of getting the first freelancing job


In this episode of Get Your First Job we hear from Faith Jepchirchir a freelancer finding it difficult to get past scammers and the hurdles of getting a first job as a freelancer.

Joshua Kilbride an experienced freelancer gives his words of wisdom when addressing this struggle. 

Pilot Episode


In this episode of Get Your First Job you can hear a word of encouragement from a successful job seeker Hira, and a word of wisdom from a recruiter Sujoy.

We also have a special guest Gemma Storey who will answer the question: How can a person build an online presence that attracts hires and employers?

Links to full stories: HIRA, SUJOY

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