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Get Your First Job is all about building resources and a community around supporting people getting their first job.

Get Your First Job is not like any other job resource. It is all about stories, experience and wisdom of those who have been successful.

The Get Your First Job Project aims to achieve 2 things. Firstly to equip job seekers young and old with real stories and real insights to help as an addition to the job seeking tools already available online. Secondly to build a place where job seekers and employers have a voice, and Thirdly, to provide small paid jobs to freelancers globally especially those who have no experience on freelancing platforms. 

Up until now I far I have put the bulk of all my time and resources to build the project so far. So if you believe in Get Your First Job and would like to see it grow you can support me in my journey financially by clicking the donate button below.

Your support is greatly appreciated. It doesn't even matter how much. Your gesture helps gives us the encouragement to continue to move forward in developing Get Your First Job.