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Find encouragement through success stories

Enjoy this segment and be encouraged by the stories of job seekers and learn from their experience of how they got their job.

I hope that through their successes (and mistakes) you can become more successful in your job seeking.

From intern to Head of HR
I completed my final year bachelor’s exams in Bachelors of Business Administration back in May 2020 before the pandemic. At the time, I had a plan to pursue a masters abroad, but the pandemic didn’t allow me to go ahead.So, around mid-August, I s...
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Academic qualifications alone do not guarantee a successful career
After graduating college with a Bachelors of Business Management (Finance and Banking Option), the world was going to be my oyster. I was equally pursuing a professional course as a Certified Investment and Financial Analyst, an added advantage to my...
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Start first then build your experience and climb the ladder
When I got into university in 2017, I was broke and the allowance from my parents was not always enough. So I decided to get a part-time job that'll help offset some bills and also give me time for my studies. So I chose to become a freelance wr...
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Be mindful of your shoes!
I am Alexia Johnson, I am a virtual assistant and chef. In previous years, I have worked at several local resorts in my country and had the opportunity to prepare international cuisines such as Italian, Chinese, Mexican and others.I currently work as...
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A short interview with a Virtual Assistant
Why did you become a Virtual Assistant?The first of my reasons for becoming a Virtual Assistant is that I am used to social media applications and mail applications. In addition to these, it can be added that I have no difficulties when using Microso...
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Changing to Virtual assistance after the pandemic hit
Back in 2020, I lost my teaching job due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I was devastated and worried. Unemployment has its psychological effects. One of my friends introduced me to freelancing and gave links to few online courses websites. I got to know a...
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It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, it can always be increased
I got my first job after my first semester in university. As I grew up my needs got more expensive, I had to move to another city where my university is and now I have to pay for food, pay rent and bills. My father helped me only during the first sem...
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Try asking your friends and family when seeking a job
My first job as a student was teaching spoken English to kindergarten children via video conferencing. My father was facing a financial crisis and he wanted me to find work so that I could pay for college myself. He talked to his friend whose niece h...
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Developing Confidence Through the First Job
The first job I had while studying was tutoring some high school students. I got that job while I was waiting for the university admission test to happen. My exam got postponed for an undefined amount of time due to the Covid -19 situation. The whole...
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Scoring contracts on my first weeks in Upwork
I got my first job as a freelance writer through Upwork. Before then, I was just a student writer with a lot of extra-curricular activities. While all of those were fulfilling and taught me many lessons, I was not content with them – I want to lear...
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You are more talented than you think.
Is the first job important? Yes, whether it is an internship, a full-time, or even a part-time job, it is absolutely significant. The first job is our first attempt to encounter society as workers and thus determines our career trajectory. My first j...
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Finding a job on social media groups
I haven't thought about having a job and earning money myself until I was around eighteen years old because I relied a lot on my parents' incomes and the school scholarship. As I started growing and maturing, so did my wants and needs. The constant c...
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Getting a job is not just all about luck
Actually I got lucky with the first job. I was asking some questions in a group, not because I already have a client but because I want to prepare when I do have one. My first client and so far still my client now sent me a text asking me about my sk...
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Staying consistent to get your beyond your first job
It was very hard for me to get the first job. I signed up to Upwork and spent maybe two days sending proposals to my clients. I received zero answers. The jobs I was applying for were very easy, so I haven't understood why someone wouldn't ...
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Keep going despite failure, rejection and hopelessness. You are not alone!
Since I already knew some skills when I started applying for a job. The problem wasn't my lack of skills but my lack of experience. Competition is very high in getting a job online. This is because since the pandemic started, a lot of employees ...
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