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(Closed) Voice over artist required for 132 word podcast introduction

We are looking for 1 voice over artist to read the intro and outro for the "Get Your First Job Podcast".

Native English Speakers Only.

Here is the script you will have to read and submit in wav format.


Welcome to the get your first Job Podcast

This is a podcast where you be listening to real life struggles faced by freelancers and the words of wisdom from more experienced freelancers. Hosting the show today is Arthur Lee, who is also a freelancer, but also has insights as an employer. I hope you enjoy today’s show.

Before we finish up, if you do have some thoughts to share with the freelancing community, or have a question to ask experienced freelancers visit and get in touch, we would love to hear from you, and you may be featured on this podcast

We hope that you not only enjoyed today’s show, but you also got some encouragement from your fellow freelancer. Join us next time on the Get Your First Job Podcast



Don’t forget to answer all the screening questions in the application, please don't forget to send a voice demo.


You can apply on Upwork ONLY by This Link Do not contact us directly.


Applications will close 4th May 2022

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