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(Closed) Photographer required to answer a few questions about taking a great profile photo

Our online profiles are so important for both social and work reason. Having a great profile photo plays a very important role. If you are a photographer and know how to take a great photo with a mobile phone camera, then we would like to ask you a few questions.

New Users are welcome to apply.

We expect a lot of applicants, so if you have applied for this position and are not successful, we will try our best to give feedback on how you can improve your future job applications. We will be doing this with all of our advertised positions.

We expect between 90 - 150 words per answer of the following questions. Please show example of bad and good for questions 1-5

1) How should I pose for a profile photo?

2) What is the best mode I should use to take the photo on the mobile phone?

3) What do I need to consider with lighting?

4) What are some ideal backgrounds I should choose?

5) If I use a photo editing software what are some simple tools to make my profile photo look amazing

6) What other general considerations should I consider when taken a profile photo?

I look forward to your quotes and your applications, and remember we can get many applications and if you want to increase your chance of success read our application guide before you apply. Read The Guide Here

You can apply for this position at upwork LINK HERE - Applications Close 19 November 2021

For our job board visit here

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