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(Closed) English Proof Reader Required 14000-14500 words

A Proof reader is required to check through a document (around 14000-14500 words) for grammatical errors, spelling errors and make adjustments for readability. This would suit someone with a good grasp of the english language.

This document contains 10 interviews of Virtual Assistants about how they got their first job, and some words of wisdom for other people wanting to do well as a virtual assistant. The document is not technical and more of an interview structure.

This would suit new users. I look forward to your quotes and your applications, and remember we can get many applications and if you want to increase your chance of success read our application guide before you apply. Read The Guide Here

You can apply for this position at UPWORK or on Fiverr. - Applications Close 13th November 2021

You can visit this page again after the closing date if you want to know how we chose our successful applicant for this job. This will be a good idea if you want to know how you can improve your application for jobs in the future.

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