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(Closed) Writer required to share experience about struggling to find first job on upwork.

We are looking for 1 freelancer to write about their experience of struggling to get their first job on Upwork

ONLY new users with no job experience should apply.


The content produced will be featured in a new online magazine Freelancer Life


You are required to:

1) Write a 300-400+ article about your journey as an aspiring freelancer. Please include an introduction to yourself, why you have decided to try freelancing, how long you have tried getting your first job, how have you been coping with rejection and why you keep trying. A word of encouragement for others in the same situation to let them know that they are not alone.

2) Include a photo of yourself to feature next to the article.


Don’t forget to answer all the screening questions in the application.


You can apply on Upwork ONLY by THIS LINK. Do not contact us directly.


Applications will close 11th April 2022


Don’t forget to read the job application guide to help you with your application. You can download it HERE

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