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The importance of well-tailored cover letters and impressive Resumes

This is Joy, I am responsible for bringing and onboarding talented volunteers for specialised and diverse roles and conducting and Bi-Annual Recruitment Drives, which allows interviewing and screening numerous individuals who are starting their career. I also work with people applying for senior positions for planning and strategizing, subject matter specialists, teaching positions and management.

I have experience in this industry for more than two years and have evaluated more than thousand of candidates, there are multiple opportunities for the ones who are young and starting their career therefore, to help you to begin your journey, I am here to save you from mistakes and give you tips so that you can shine bright. 

My advice below is for anyone applying for a new job.

Make The First Impression right: Yes, you might have heard there is a saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression”, while applying for a job you do by writing a professional Cover Letter, impressive Cover Letters improve your chance of being selected for the role as it is the document accompanied by your Resume which introduces you.

One of the mistakes I see many candidates making is directly copy-pasting a Cover Letter found on any random website and then apply with the same Cover Letters for different positions. One must refrain from doing this in the professional world.

Now, most organisations have a dedicated talent acquisition team; your exceptional resume might not even get read because of your cheap cover letter. Ideally, one must take an general idea when creating his or her first cover letter from the internet and then make a personalised cover letter.

Further, when applying for a new job highlight the relevant work experience in short which matches to the position applied for. Cover letter should not contain more than 3 paragraphs remember this is just for your brief introduction to the recruiter and to show your interest in the relevant position. 

While applying to the job, do brief background research of the Organisation, the role you are applying for and what is expected out of you; LinkedIn is always my go-to platform. LinkedIn is the best platform for professionals just go to the page of the organisation you are applying to have a look and hover around, connect with people working in your interested departments, talk to them about there experiences working in those organisations, I bet you, you’ll be getting so much of insights which will probably make you much more confident for the interview. 

Get Your Resume Polished: your Resume is like your suit, custom fit and tailored always draw attention. But don’t get me wrong, classic never goes out style, by that I mean if you are applying for professional roles, you should always try to have simple resumes unlike from the candidates who want to enter into the creative field, recently info-graphic resumes are into the trend these days, unless you are not applying for marketing/designing or other creative fields which gives you a flexible environment you should stick to simple resumes which are an easy read.

If you feel underconfident applying to the position or you feel dicey about the work environment at the workplace, you can always ask for an internship, and this will also help you acquire practical knowledge and to learn about the organisation. This is the best tip for candidates having less experience or who want to shift their stream altogether.  

One of the commonly committed mistakes I see on resumes, even on experienced candidates, are they don’t follow the correct order of writing the prior work experience, and newcomers finding their first job do not write their academic qualification and internship experience in the right order. I have seen so many resumes, and believe me follow this simple rule – all of the experience academic qualifications should be in reverse chronological order, which means your latest internship/job should be mentioned first and then comes older ones in series. Second example your name of college followed by your G.P.A. and then comes to your school followed by your grades.

Secondly, one should avoid using words like assigned..., Responsible for .., and skills such as punctual, hardworking and team player instead you can alternatively use verbs like prompt, determined etc. and if you have too many feathers in your cap, it's okay to make it lighters, a good resume is not more then of two pages, however, try to highlight all those experiences which are relevant to the applied position and do not undervalue sports, if you are good at it or you are in college or school team, recruiter love to see that too no matter even if you apply for the position of cloud engineer. 

That’s all I got for you folks. All the best for your future endeavours. I hope you get the job of your dreams and be successful in your career.  

I hope you gained something from this article.

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