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The #1 tip for successful job seeking in any industry

The #1 tip to find a job in any industry and at any level in an organization is to completely ignore the garbage advice "you have to sell yourself!" in your interactions with potential employers.

You may have received this inane recommendation from friends, relatives, or career “experts”. While their intent is to help you, unfortunately, their hackneyed guidance is counter-productive and won’t be at all useful in your efforts to get hired.

In fact, “you have to sell yourself” is the most obsolete, clueless, and wackest recommendation that you'll ever hear, so do yourself a mega favor and never, ever pay attention to it.

Instead, approach your job search like a true sales pro.

Imagine yourself as a salesperson and the hiring manager as your prospect. The way that effective sales reps close deals and build business isn’t by “selling themselves” (think about it: would you ever buy anything from anyone if all they did was talk about how awesome they are?).

The secret to successful selling is to understand the pain points and objectives of a prospective buyer and then present your product/service as a means for the prospect to solve his/her problems.

As a job seeker, you can strategically migrate this winning sales mentality into your efforts by explaining the specific solutions that you can deliver to an employer that would help his/her organization to meet its needs, attain its goals, and overcome its challenges. In addition, you should aim to clearly, concisely, and convincingly describe how your skills/experience/energy have delivered positive outcomes for your past employers and can yield similar valuable results for him/her and his/her department.

This innovative sales-driven job search strategy will give you a competitive edge over other jobseekers, make a memorable impression with whoever is interviewing you, and position you as a "must hire" in the eyes of decision makers.

This word of wisdom was contributed by Rafe Gomez

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