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Organize Your Job Search

When applying for jobs, employers want to feel that you are interested in their company and the position you applied for. It's essential to do your research on the company before applying and receiving that first call for a job interview. The first call can be a screening tool, and being prepared to answer these short and sometimes random calls can guide you through the recruitment process. A job application tracker can ensure that you are ready when your phone rings.

It's essential to organize the jobs and companies that you have submitted an application to. Your tracker can be created using an Excel tracker that details the title of the position, the company name, and the date that you applied for the job. Writing key bullet points about the company and what interested you in the job can also be helpful in your search. Don't forget to download or copy the job description by pasting it into a Word document. Asking the employer to send you a copy of the job description before or during a phone interview can reflect poorly on the candidate.

In addition, I have come across many candidates who do not know what job I am calling them about, and they ask me to repeat the company's name or explain the position to them. Not recalling the job you applied for can cause an employer to think that you are not vested in their opportunity. It can also seem as if you are applying for any random job that's available. Tracking your job search and identifying critical aspects about the company and position can help show the employer that you are interested in their opportunity, even if you keep your options open.

This word of wisdom was contributed by Annette Harris

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