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Lead with Attributes and Other Savvy Job Search Tips

Whether it’s your first job hunt or your fifth, you want to be successful in landing that dream position as quickly as possible. Remember that dozens could be applying for that same position, so it’s important to have some effective tactics that will put you in the pole position. Here are three tips to improve your job search, no matter your level. 

Lead with Attributes

Emphasize your attributes in your resume and cover letter, rather than only your experience or previous job titles. In this day and age, employers want to know what types of attributes you possess and if you can generate results. It’s more important than a list of job titles that fail to give them an understanding of your capabilities. If you lead with your attributes and explain how they match up with the position in question, you’ll make it easier for the hiring manager to understand how you’re well suited for that role. This approach will also broaden your spectrum of opportunities because it’ll match you with jobs that you would have missed if you were more focused on past titles.

Better Yet, Think Outside of the Resume

In a remote-work economy, it pays to go beyond the traditional resume to stand out from the pack. While a resume is nice to have and often required for some applications, it’s typically not enough to outshine a competitor. Get your creative juices flowing and develop collateral that will give you an edge. That could be an introductory video, a blog, a personal website, contributed content or anything else that demonstrates your thought leadership. When you do leverage these out-of-the box approaches, the same holds true that you should be consistently communicating your attributes – the characteristics that describe you and your competencies – rather than emphasizing previous titles. 

Create a Personal Brand

Focus on establishing and communicating your personal brand as a means to enhance your job search. The first step is creating a message around your professional identity that makes you distinguishable: What are your passions? What drives you? What are your chief attributes? Summarize these answers into a concise message that explains who you are and how you’re different. This message should be carried through your job search, whether it’s you presenting yourself in a video interview or describing yourself in a cover letter. Having a personal brand will make you more memorable to prospective employers. 

This word of wisdom was contributed by Hari Kolam

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