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Reaching out to people to open doors
If you’re hunting your first job, it’s vital to map the territory you’re travelling into.Desk research helps, but talking to people works best: you find out what jobs are really like, and you hear personal stories which inspire you.Start with f...
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5 skills every recruiter or business owner looks for in a candidate
From Cleaner to Receptionist, to Sales Executive to CEO there are 5 skills or ‘competencies’ that make you a standout employee in todays workplace. 1. More recently and for self-explanatory reasons, agility has taken over as the most importa...
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You’re Going to Have Bad Days & Good Days
I tell every new hire that I Interview… is that you’re going to have good days and bad days. I only really care about the good days. So don’t worry about the bad days, it's going to happen but tomorrow will be a new day and hopefully it wi...
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"We will not be proceeding with your application" - words we don't like to hear
Words no one likes to hear. In the silence of applying for an endless stream of jobs, they’re not the words you hoped to hear. Rejection usually begins in the job description where experience is needed. Rejection is painful. Repeated rejection dest...
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Blockages which can get in your way of securing a job
For job seekers who are trying so hard to secure a job and are not successful, please look at any Blockages you may have. These blockages can be: you go into an interview thinking that "other people are better than yourself" or "more qualified." Some...
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Rejection is the greatest teacher
When I was 17, I had dreams of being a millionaire. I thought the best way to make this happen was to skip University and sell up a storm in the real estate industry. However, I was turned away for being too young and instead found myself working as ...
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Acing Interviews
Interviews are like roller coasters. They can be terrifying events to avoid at all costs or they can be an exhilarating high. You get to choose! Physiologically, stress and excitement create the same responses: faster heart rate & breathing,...
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Planning your job search makes it easier to say YES or NO!
My advice is to ensure you have a clear plan and strategy as to what you want and why before commencing any application process. Accepting a job is like entering in to a committed relationship. When selecting our life partners we all have a list...
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The #1 tip for successful job seeking in any industry
The #1 tip to find a job in any industry and at any level in an organization is to completely ignore the garbage advice "you have to sell yourself!" in your interactions with potential employers.You may have received this inane recommendation from fr...
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A Word of Wisdom from Daniel
As someone who has been in the film industry for over ten years, I've seen a lot of people give up their dreams out of fear or just feeling a lack of confidence in their abilities.You never know what you can accomplish until you try and everyone...
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Hitting A Moving Target
Whether you are an entry level professional or a seasoned pro, beginning your job search is not always a clear path forward. You may zigzag across industries, titles, and for profit and nonprofit landscapes. While this can be exciting, it may also be...
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Start small and aim high
I am reminded of a worker I hired once, his name was Paul. Paul came over to Australia from overseas with his family to start a new life here, and he applied for our lowest paid job at my store. It was an entry level job that was 3 hours a day and re...
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Tips for Job-Seekers from a Recruiter
Look to your immediate circle of family and friends first. It is important to understand that being laid off is a universal experience, so there is no need to be embarrassed about it. In times of uncertainty or struggle, we rely on those closest to u...
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You're Interviewing the Company too!
Remember that interviews are a two-way street. As much as a company is evaluating you to determine if they want to bring you on to their team, you should also be evaluating the company to make sure you want to spend the next few years of your life wo...
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Lead with Attributes and Other Savvy Job Search Tips
Whether it’s your first job hunt or your fifth, you want to be successful in landing that dream position as quickly as possible. Remember that dozens could be applying for that same position, so it’s important to have some effective tactics that ...
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