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Get Your First Job as a University Student

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Getting a job during the university years is important for independence, paying the bills and having a bit of extra for leisure.

However, there is fierce competition, and one of the major challenges all graduates face is getting the first job.

In this book, we ask 10 University Students from around the world the following questions about their journey in finding their first job as a student.

Why did you choose your current university course?
What was your first job while you were studying?
How important is having a job for you while you are studying?
What are your hopes in life after graduation?
A word of wisdom for students trying to get their first job

Be encouraged and inspired by real people who have done it first.

Featuring contributions from: Abubakar Abdulsalam, Amr Ehab, Hasanat Noon, Hussain Samuaan, Jane Wanja, Lewis Mchardy, Noor Qaiser, Pamela Hellyer, Yigitcan Karagoz, Zenith Arbois

95 Pages
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