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Get Your First Job as a University Graduate

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Getting the first job after graduation is one of the key points in life where people go through a transition from a student to a working life.

However, there is fierce competition, and one of the major challenges all graduates face is getting the first job.

In this book, we ask 10 University Graduates from around the world the following questions about their journey in finding their first job after graduation.

Why did you study at university? Why did you choose that course?
How long did it take you to get your first job as a graduate?
Was your experience in your first job what you expected?
How far do you see yourself go in your chosen industry?
A word of wisdom for university graduates trying to get their first job.

Be encouraged and inspired by real people who have done it first.

Featuring contributions from Ahmed Adouni , Ajayi Temiloluwa, Akoth Irine, Daryl Dela Cruz, Devon Culbert, Diah Dewi, Farah Mursyieda, Leanne Shaw, Muzaffar Ahmad, Sonali Tripathy

91 Pages
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