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About Get Your First Job

Hello, I would love to tell you all about the origins of get your first job, where we aim to go and what we want to do for people looking for a job.

So if you have a few short minutes, and curious mind then I invite you to read on.

Arthur Lee

The Beginning

I started the journey by wanting to equip and to train freelancers in the task of getting a job.

I have both experience as a freelancer and also worked with hundreds of freelancers online, and I wanted to understand more about the thoughts and life of freelancers worldwide.

The First Book

I decided the best way to find out about the thoughts of freelancers was to compile stories of how freelancers go their first job. It was an eye opener reading about the struggles and the mind set of freelancers.

Then the decision was made to produce more publications for the purpose of supporting freelancers by showcasing the experiences of others.

Print and National Library

I spent hours learning and collating stories, and finally became successful in producing the first 4 books in the series and getting the books into the National Library of Australia.

I managed to sell a few copies on Amazon, but realised that I could do more and provide more value for job seekers as a whole.

Get Your First Job Website

After some reflection, I decided that in order to get things moving I must also build a platform for people to share their stories.

This was then the birth of the website you see today.

More Resources

I have continued to build the site to include a podcast and a job board to help with the aims of Get Your First Job.

With the help of many people, I plan to continue to produce and bring together more people through stories and resources about job seeking.

My Donors and Readers

Today, behind the scenes, the people who make it all possible are our the people buy products, build the site, and those who donate directly.

Many people working together makes it possible for me to continue to grow Get Your First Job. If you would also like to support this project please visit HERE