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Learn from the stories, experiences and wisdom of people. Take heart from their struggles and learn from their successes. I hope you get lots of encouragement and ideas towards successful job seeking.

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There are often many paths to success. No single plan that is fool proof. Everyone's journey is full of struggles and hardships.

The Get Your First Job Series gives you the perspective of many people like you and me. Learn and be successful by learning from the experience of many people. Below are a few of our titles. Click Here to visit the Book Shop

Get Your First Job as a Freelancer (Men)


Get Your First Job as a Freelancer (Women)


Get Your First Job as a Virtual Assistant


Get Your First Job as a University Graduate


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Read top tips from employers, business owners and recruitment professionals. Enjoy and learn from our special guests from around a the Globe

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Job Seeker Success is all about talking with job seekers about their experience getting a job. Learn from their tips and experience.

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You can learn a bit more about our journey, what makes us get up in the morning, and where we want to go.

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